“Austin Montgomery is a true professional. He approached this project with confidence, and set clear goals and expectations for the project. He had an open mind and was flexible to meet the requests of our park staff, whereby preventing any maintenance complications. Allowing us to participate in this process was kind and he was determined to meet the goals and expectations established by City of Fort Morgan staff. We look forward to continued success through this partnership, further we believe in the direction the sport is headed and that we will have a world class facility that many will enjoy for years to come.”

Josh Miller, Community Services Director, City of Fort Morgan, Colorado

“Motala municipality began work building a disc golf course in Bondebacka recreational area. We contacted DiscGolfPark. From the initial contact, we’ve been satisfied with their collaboration. They did everything from mapping the area, designing the course and marking everything for installation. This all in close cooperation with our employees. DiscGolfPark crew are knowledgeable and they are willing to serve you. Easy to work with, easy to talk with.”

Åsa Grellsgård, Sports Director, municipality of Motala, Sweden

“The Heinola course was built fully by our local disc golf association LDG. The renewal process took many years. After starting cooperation with DiscGolfPark things jumped on a whole new level. Now we have the world’s best DiscGolfPark World, which suits players of all skill levels. The course is now known widely as Kippis.org. Cooperation with DiscGolfPark has been very fluent and I can highly recommend their first class services.”

Jere Pohjankoski, Founder of Lords of DiscGolf ry., Finland.

Avery Jenkins
United States

Avery Jenkins

Designer since: 2015
Courses designed: 11
Area: United States

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Åland — Tiny island with the world’s first Disc Golf stamp

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Designer Spotlight: Cara Hovius – The first female DiscGolfPark designer

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