MultiGolfPark: 3-in-1 Golf for Urban Areas

MultiGolf is a new, fun activity for the whole family. In MultiGolf, three forms of golf are played: foot golf, disc golf and park golf.

MultiGolfPark is an innovative concept that puts these three forms of golf together in a way never seen before. With MultiGolfPark, you’ll triple the potential of your recreational area. This makes MultiGolfPark an affordable activity arena for modern urban areas.

You can fit a multi golf course in roughly the space of a football field. MultiGolf fairways are much shorter than the fairways of traditional golf. This makes it suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities. Plus, various obstacles make gameplay more exciting!

Establishing a MultiGolfPark does not require big efforts – and a MultiGolfPark can be designed and installed in just a few weeks. You can find the installation instructions here.

Three reasons to get a MultiGolfPark:

  • Fun family activity
  • Get Three Activities in One Effort
  • Save time, money and space.

MultiGolfPark not only gives you a new activity arena, but brings the families in your community together.

A MultiGolfPark includes:

  • MultiGolfPark Targets
  •  TeeSigns
  •  InfoBoard
  • AM TeePads
  • Course design and map drawing

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