MultiGolfPark is an innovative concept that puts three forms of golf together: foot golf, short golf, and disc golf. With MultiGolfPark, you’ll get three times fun and potential out of your recreational area. Multigolf is a new sport, that is fun for the whole family.

Multigolf courses are designed to be easy to move around in flexible environments. Multigolf fairways are significantly shorter than the fairways of golf or disc golf courses. This makes it suitable for people of all ages and people with physical challenges. Various obstacles can be added on the course to make gameplay more exciting.

On a MultiGolfPark course, you can play all three forms of golf at the same time. The same target works for foot golf, short golf, and disc golf.

MultiGolfPark is an optimal recreational solution for families or groups of friends as it easily brings this new social and competitive sport available to everyone!

Rules of multigolf

Multigolf is a new and fun sport suitable for the whole family. In multigolf, three forms of golf are put together: foot golf, short golf and disc golf. Multigolf can be played either alone or in a group. In multigolf, the course is completed by playing a round of all three forms of golf. For example, on a 9-hole course players play through all nine holes by playing all three forms of golf. This makes the total amount of holes to be played 27. Holes are completed by playing just one form of golf at a time.

Rules of multigolf are simple:
  1. Multigolf course consists of one or more holes.
  2. The objective of the game is to get one of the multigolf objects (football, short golf ball or a disc golf disc) in the target with the least amount of kicks, strokes or throws.
  3. Play begins from the marked teeing area with an initial kick, stroke or a throw. Each player plays on their turn.
  4. Play continues with an approach kick, stroke or a throw. When every player has completed play by getting the multigolf object in the target and the scores have been marked, play continues to the next hole.
  5. The winner is the one who plays the course with the least amount of strokes, kicks and throws added together.