Course Design

Why Professional Design?

Disc golf is a game that is easy to start to play, as it does not require accomplishing a green card familiar to traditional golf. On the other hand, this means disc golf is being played by players of varying levels in skill and experience. A disc golf disc is a fast-flying object and it may cause damage when hitting people or objects. The possibility for accidents cannot be completely excluded, but with professional design we can minimize the risks. It is important to design the holes so that the safety of the other uses of the area will not be compromised. Safety is an essential requirement for DiscGolfPark. Potential safety hazards are clearly presented on the course signs. On the tee of each hole, specific safety hazards are mentioned on the TeeSign.

Professional Design adds to the Popularity of the Course

Varying and versatile holes make a good disc golf course. Playing is interesting when the holes require different types of throws. A good disc golf course has holes that vary when it comes to their length, shape, vegetation and possibly elevation. We also take the aesthetics of the area into account to ensure an enjoyable playing experience. Our designers have a lot of experience on playing different types of courses across the world. They have delivered many of the most popular disc golf courses around Europe, which have hosted several world-class disc golf events.

After course design it’s time for the last phase of DiscGolfPark design process: map drawing. Read more about the last phase here.