DiscGolfPark-visitor counter

The explosive growth of disc golf has made the more popular disc golf courses get extremely crowded. The visitor counter keeps track in real time of how many people are using the course and shows this information on the internet to disc golfers. This helps players choose which course they want to go play the sport more safely and without too much waiting time. There are no tee-time systems in disc golf and that is why the players only see whether or not the course is crowded once they arrive there. The data provided by the visitor counter is presented free for everyone at the most popular finnish disc golf website frisbeegolfradat.fi (maybe discgolfbanor.se at the swedish version later).

With the data provided by the visitor counter, you can also prove to a city the profitability of the disc golf course they have invested in. The visitor counter creates daily and monthly reports which also shows the popularity of the course compared to other courses in the same area.