Hartwood DiscGolfPark

Avery Jenkins

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Hartwood DiscGolfPark

Course Information

Location: United States, Hartwood DiscGolfPark Established: July 2022 Course Designer: Avery Jenkins & Sharon Jenkins Course Type : Free-to-play Holes: 9 Contact: Washougal Parks & Recreation Downloadable Map: Hartwood-DiscGolfPark-Course-Map.png


This is the 1st DiscGolfPark established in the state of Washington and the 29th DiscGolfPark installed in the United States. This course was founded and full funded by the City of Washougal Park & Rec. This replaces the previous Hartwood Disc Golf Course that existed here but was never completed (est. 2021).

This is absolutely an ideal course for everyone by catering to kids, families and challenging a wide spectrum of skill level players. It’s gorgeous park located near Campen Creek with a playground and walking trails throughout surrounded by a very supportive community.

It has mostly side hill terrain with slight rolling hills and scattered trees that offer a great variety of distances and shot shapes. A short layout recreational level course measuring 1,815 ft (553 m) – Par 27 in the Short (White) Layout and 2,215 ft (675 m) – Par 27 in the Long (Blue) Layout.

Only two of the holes are over 300-feet with an average hole distance of 246 ft with several holes less than 200′ feet and a few others in the low 200’s to cater to a majority of skill levels. The overall course walking distance is less than 1-mile in length and typically takes less than 30-mins to complete a full round of 9-holes.

Course Stats:

Holes: 9-holes with 2 basket positions on 5 of the holes (#1, #2, #3, #8 and #9)

Short (White) Layout: 1,815 ft (553 m) Par 27 – Average Hole Distance: 202 ft (61 m)

Long (Blue) Layout: 2,215 ft (675 m) Par 27 – Average Hole Distance: 246 ft (75 m)

Shortest Hole: 140 ft (43 m) Par 3

Longest Hole: 300 ft (91 m) Par 3