Kings Pine DiscGolfPark

Benjamin Smith

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Kings Pine DiscGolfPark


Plats: Kanada, Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island Bandesigner: Benjamin Smith Hål: 18


Kings Pine is the second official DiscGolfPark course we have designed and the most ambitious and sustainable project we have yet to bring into this world. I say ’we’ because so many people contributed to the making of this course that it would be foolish of me to take solo credit for it. So many hands made the heavy lifting easy. I don’t want to single out everyone because I will certainly miss some of the important people but I do want to say thank you to all who have put in time here. From map making to tree trimming and all points in between this was a full community effort and in exchange for everyone’s time we were giving another 5 star course on place that was already sitting pretty in the disc golf world.

As for the course itself it is a wonderful mix of open spaces and cozy forests. Both sets of tees offer 18 distinctly different lines to try and achieve the optimal shots. There are options on every hole and more emphasis is put on shot shapes and positioning rather than pure power. There is also ample shade on the hot days and adequate drainage on the wet ones. Each hole requires your full attention to snag the birdie and one bad shot still leaves you plenty of opportunities to save par. The best compliments we have received are that it is an extremely fair course. Over the last decade plus we have been developing a mathematical formula to achieve balance and I would say that the formula worked to perfection this time.

The are 3 holes that seem to stand out; the long and arduous hole 3, the crafty and deceptive hole 13, and they you-can-use-my-name-as-a-curse-word hole 16.

Hole 3 may end up being the signature hole on the course. It is cut from the tightly wooded section of the course with mature maples lining either side of the fairway. It demands an above average drive and equally as good approach shot to even have a chance at a 3. A signature of this course is that there is very little added OB but getting off the fairway here is every bit as punishing. Even inside these tight lines there are still options so player can take the disc they feel most comfortable with and do their best to gain ground. Every tree you pass on hole 3 is worthy of a minor celebration and the true the mark of what makes this hole so good is that when you do get a birdie there is at least one shot you want to tell everyone about.

Hole 13 is almost certainly the fan favourite. A perfect understand shot off the tee will land you in an elevated landing zone with a clear shot down the hill to an elevated basket. If you have an elite level power forehand there is an eagle out there available to you but you’ll still have to earn it with a 30+ foot putt. Off the tee every part of the hole tricks you into trying to throw straight with a touch of hyzer but don’t let that feeling fool you. The name of the game on this course is placement so the difficulty of your second shot here is predicated on how much work you did on your drive. Tough but fair, that is the signature of Kings Pine.

Hole 16 is another demanding 2 shot combo par 4. The designed play is a forehand off the tee to solid landing zone followed by a 300 foot spike hyzer over the mature maple trees. If that combo is not in your bag there is a tight, but fair line where three solid shots gives you a 20 footer for par on a tough hillside basket.

Many other holes feature unique and precise lines that weave through mature trees.  Players will have to test their full skill set to break par here and every shot off the tee offers a great blend of fun and challange.