Julkujärvi DiscGolfPark®

Jussi Meresmaa

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Julkujärvi DiscGolfPark®


Plats: Finland, Ylöjärvi Anlagd: 2007 Bandesigner: Jussi Meresmaa Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 18 Nedladdningsbar karta: julkujarvi_ylojarvi_ratakartta_2017.jpg


The course is AA1-level 18-hole course with hole length averaging around 145 meters. The course is built in a sand pit area with some forest. Julkijärvi DiscGolfPark is classified as a pro-course and is often the place-of-choice for pro players in the region.

You might want to consider packing some snacks with you so you don’t run out of energy during the back 9. However, always remember to bring all the rubbish off the track as there are no trash bins in the area.