Åland Islands: A DiscGolfPark Paradise

Pasi Koivu

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Åland Islands: A DiscGolfPark Paradise


Plats: Åland, Åland Islands Anlagd: 2020 Bandesigner: Pasi Koivu, & Lasse Jansson, Erno Väyrynen Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 9 & 18 Hole courses Webbsida : https://www.discgolf.ax/


The Åland Islands are a small, autonomous region of Finland located in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden. In early 2020, they partnered with DiscGolfPark on a project to become the world’s best destination for disc golf tourists. You can read more about the Åland Islands disc golf project and its success so far.

In July 2020, the Islands set a world record by opening 11 disc golf courses within seven hours. Even more have opened since. The Islands hope to have 16 complete DiscGolfParks (a mixture of 18 and 9 hole courses) by the end of 2022.

Here is what you can expect from Åland’s DiscGolfParks:

1) Variety. The courses are spread out across the Islands’ municipalities and each one is designed to give players a different disc golf experience.

2) Fun. Most courses are designed to be entertaining for disc golfers of all skill levels. The holes are long and technical enough for skilled players to enjoy, but they are also approachable for newer and younger players.

3) Amazing scenery. The Åland Islands are a gorgeous place, and disc golfers will fall in love with its courses’ sea views, exposed rock, and lovely woods.

4) Free access. All but one of Åland’s courses are free to play. Vesterkalmare DiscGolfPark, a course designed for high level players, is the Islands’ only pay-to-play course.

5) Nearby amenities and attractions. These courses were designed and positioned with visitors’ wants and needs in mind. Most courses are near businesses offering food, drink, and restrooms. Many are near other tourist attractions you can explore before or after rounds. Additionally, no course is very far away from an overnight accommodation.

Whether you stay for a weekend or a week, no disc golfer will get bored visiting the Åland Islands!

Featured image: Fribarata Oy / Mikko Tanska

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