AJ Muniz

AJ Muniz


My Name is AJ Muniz and not only I’m a disc golf course designer, but I have also been competing in disc golf for over a decade, while also supporting professional disc golf events in several different capacities all over the US. With all the experience that i have gained and learned competing and traveling to different courses of all skills levels in the US, and by also helping in other course design protects, i grew the passion to design disc golf courses. With the experience i have now i am ready to start my disc golf career as a disc golf course designer of all skills levels.

Now with DiscGolfPark i have the support needed to design world class disc golf courses all over the US and Latin America. My area of work at the moment is Florida and Puerto Rico.

Education: Culinary Arts, Hotel & Restaurant Administration. (ACA) Lakeland, Florida.
Goal: To grow the sport of disc golf around the world, were all cultures can enjoy the fun of disc golf no matter the language or skill level. To introduce the sport to as many schools and kids as possible and to design disc golf courses that can create great memories playing and also challenge players of all ages and skills levels. I am fluent speaking in Spanish and English. My main goal at the moment is growing the sport in the Hispanic community introducing disc golf  in Spanish and teaching in schools in the Caribbean and Latin America.


  • Plats: Puerto Rico
  • Discgolfbandesigner sedan: 2019
  • Designade banor: 0
  • Courses Designed: 1 (Almendros Disc Golf Course. Vieques, Puerto Rico).
  • Competed in over 90 PDGA events
  • Played over 140 Disc Golf Courses
  • Represented Puerto Rico at the Professional Disc Golf World Championships 2018
  • Represented Puerto Rico at the Professional Disc Golf Masters World Championships 2018
  • Disc Golf Instructor in Spanish or English
  • Certified PDGA Official


Email: aj.muniz@discgolfpark.comPhone: 727.515.1737

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