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Złotów DiscGolfPark


Plats: Polen, Złotów DiscGolfPark Anlagd: 2018 Bandesigner: Artur Zduniuk & Łukasz Gmurczyk Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 6 Webbsida : https://zlotow.pl/DISC_GOLF_PARK.html Nedladdningsbar karta: zlotow_map.jpg


Złotów is a lovely place! The idea of creating a disc golf course was supported by many residents, the course is a winning project in a participatory budgeting process. This beginner friendly 6-hole course has lot of fans, turned out to be a great place to visit and spend time. The place is mostly wooded with one elevated basket, located near the city lake. You will find a DiscGolfArena and disc golf rental in the city center (Pływalnia Laguna).

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