Woodburn Missionary Church DiscGolfPark

Steven Braud

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Woodburn Missionary Church DiscGolfPark


Plats: USA, 5108 Bull Rapids Road, Woodburn, In 46797 Bandesigner: Steven Braud Hål: 18


Woodburn is a great 9 hole course set in the outskirts of Indiana. The church started with a flat treeless area with enough room for 9 good holes. There have been trees planted all over the property to give the holes some definition. This course will certainly be growing into itself over time. There are two tee pads on every hole, allowing you the opportunity to play 18 unique holes. The course was put in at Woodburn Missionary Church with the goal to engage the community and give people a safe place to go and spend their time. This is a fun must play course that will only get better over time.