Walnut Hollow- Short

Dana Vicich

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Walnut Hollow- Short


Plats: USA, Cary, IL Anlagd: 2018 Bandesigner: Dana Vicich Hål: 6 Nedladdningsbar karta: Screen-Shot-2019-07-12-at-7.44.43-AM.png


The Walnut Hollow – Short course is a family friendly, beginner style course. Great for introducing new players to the game or as a warm-up for the long course. It’s mostly open with some more challenge introduced as the holes go on. Hole 1 by design is located in the same space as hole 1 on the Walnut Hollow – Long course. New players can watch and learn from more experienced players teeing off on the Long course, before heading off on the Short course. After hole 2, the Short course splits off to it’s own space.