Tahko DiscGolfPark

Erno Väyrynen

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Tahko DiscGolfPark


Plats: Finland, Tahko Anlagd: 2015 Bandesigner: Erno Väyrynen Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 9 Webbsida : https://frisbeegolfradat.fi/rata/tahko-discgolfpark/ Nedladdningsbar karta: tahko_kuopio_ratakartta_2015.jpg


Tahko’s disc golf course is a 9-hole, beginner-friendly course. A suitable group size is 3-5 players and the playing time of the course is about one hour. The course is located in Tahkos new local sports venue, east of the Tahko Spa Hotel. Disc golf disc packs are on sale at Tahko SpaShop.

The City of Kuopio is responsible for the maintenance of the Tahko disc golf course. Please note that driving in the park is prohibited (except for service and emergency vehicles). The nearest car park is located next to the Tahko Spa Hotel.