Kommatti DiscGolfPark

Erno Väyrynen

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Kommatti DiscGolfPark


Plats: Finland, Kommatin ulkoilualue Bandesigner: Erno Väyrynen Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 21 Webbsida : https://frisbeegolfradat.fi/rata/kommatti-discgolfpark/ Nedladdningsbar karta: kommatti_sodankyla_ratakartta_2018.jpg


Kommatti DiscGolfPark is a challenging wooded course completed in 2014. The tees are well made and paved with artificial grass. The course has long narrow uphill fairways and challenging downhill runs alternately. The course expanded to 21 holes over the years, while some of the holes also stretched.