Pyhäjoen frisbeegolfpuisto

Erno Väyrynen

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Pyhäjoen frisbeegolfpuisto


Plats: Finland, Pyhäjoki Bandesigner: Erno Väyrynen Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 13 Kontakt: Pyhäjoen Frisbeeseura Webbsida : Nedladdningsbar karta: pyhajoen_pyhajoki_ratakartta_2016_2.jpeg


In Pyhäjoki Annalanpuisto, there is a 13-hole forest course. In addition, a warm up basket at the beginning of the course. Parking spaces next to the Parmaco office building. (Red brick building) Annala Frisbee Golf Park was formerly known as Pyhäjoki Frisbee Golf Park. The change was made on April 24, 2020. 13 fairway forest course with slight elevation differences. The course is not challenging, so the track is also suitable for beginners. More information on facebook: Pyhäjoen frisbeepuisto