Jussi Meresmaa

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Plats: Finland, Salo Anlagd: 2006 Bandesigner: Jussi Meresmaa & Mikko Kaakinen, DGC Salo Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 12 Nedladdningsbar karta: pahkavuori_salo_ratakartta_2015.jpg


Salo’s 12-hole disc golf course circles the terrain of the Pahkavuori fitness track. The course is well suited for both beginners and more advanced players.

The course is located next to the city center and, as its name implies, on the top of the high hill of Pahkavuori. Height differences on a couple of fairways comfortably bring an additional challenge to throwing, although the lengths of the fairways are quite moderate.