Mossala Island Resort DiscGolfPark®

Juho Rantalaiho

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Mossala Island Resort DiscGolfPark®


Plats: Finland, Parainen Anlagd: 2015 Bandesigner: Juho Rantalaiho Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 18 Nedladdningsbar karta: mossala_parainen_ratakartta_2017.jpg


Mossala Island Resort DiscGolfPark may come a little surprise for the traveler in the Turku archipelago. To get to the place on top, you have to travel on four ferries, but the archipelago and ferry trips are worth experiencing. Not to mention the course. Mossala Island Resort has a spectacular park built. The first nine holes of the course have been placed in the environment. This offers easy access and visually pleasing experience for families, beginners and amateurs. The latter 9 fairways are built to be clearly more challenging and slightly to more wooded terrain. The lengths of the fairways are 100 meters on both sides, and even by the sea you can visit. There are also other disc golfers along the rings of the archipelago destinations, but Houtskari is located in the heart of the archipelago and offers plenty of other activities as well. Definitely worth a visit!