Maunun koulu

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Maunun koulu


Plats: Finland, Rusko Anlagd: 2008 Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 9 Nedladdningsbar karta: maunun_rusko_ratakartta_2014.jpg


Behind the Maunu school in Rusko, along Talkooti, ​​there is a 9-lane beginner-friendly course. The lengths of the fairways vary from 30 to 100 meters. Behind the course, a small river meanders, which adds a bit of excitement to an otherwise fairly easy track. In addition to the actual game baskets, there is one basket on the school wall for putting practice. The fairways are mostly short, but taking advantage of natural obstacles, the fairways have become suitably challenging, at least for the novice or the occasional disc golfer. Many of the fairways are tempting to try solutions that deviate from traditional throws. Unfortunately, the track maintenance only limps for the worse. Lanes 1 and 9 in the school’s actual yard are generally in good condition, but other lanes located in the backyard of the school are rampant at the waist with waist-high hay. So a spotter is absolutely necessary if you want to get off the track with as many discs in your bag as when coming to the track.