Mäntsälä DiscGolfPark®

Juho Rantalaiho

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Mäntsälä DiscGolfPark®


Plats: Finland, Mäntsälä Anlagd: 2012 Bandesigner: Juho Rantalaiho Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 18 Nedladdningsbar karta: mantsala_mantsala_ratakartta_20141.jpg


Built in a large sand pit and the surrounding forest, Mäntsälä Frisbee Golf Park is a versatile 36-lane course. The track is being updated in 2020, due to which the fairway signs and other instructions are also incomplete. Current track maps have been updated to Metrix, Udisc and the website of the track maintenance club www.mantsalanfg.com