Leineperin Ruukin frisbeegolfrata

Juho Rantalaiho

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Leineperin Ruukin frisbeegolfrata


Plats: Finland, Ulvila Anlagd: 2012 Bandesigner: Juho Rantalaiho Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 9 Nedladdningsbar karta: leineperin_ruukin_ulvila_ratakartta_2014.jpg


Leineperin Ruukin disc golf course is a beginner-friendly course with great scenery.

The course is located in historically beautiful surroundings in the old Ruukki area. The course itself is an ensemble of 9 holes, perfect for beginners and families. Typical of the track is the park-like environment, easy access fairways and fine waterways (though not terribly affected by the game). There are other activities in the area as well, so co-users should be considered. In addition, some areas are used 2-3 times a year as a parking lot, in which case these fairways must be left unplayed.