Langley Pond DiscGolfPark

Alan Kane

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Langley Pond DiscGolfPark


Plats: USA, Burnettown, South Carolina Anlagd: 2015 Bandesigner: Alan Kane & Jason Allind Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 18 Kontakt: Mark van der Linden Nedladdningsbar karta: F675D187-F333-4FA2-8285-7D668E0B0E29.jpeg


Championship caliber course carved through the woods. The hilly terrain, old growth hardwood trees, and the beautiful pond make for a spectacular collection of signature holes. Each hole, except for 18, has a short and long tee. The long tees are designed to challenge the advanced and top-level players, while the shorts provide a great experience for players of all skill levels.

There is a practice area with 2 baskets and 4 driving range pads with distance markers in the field.