DiscGolfPark Tošovice – HEI Park

Premysl Novak

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DiscGolfPark Tošovice – HEI Park


Plats: Tjeckien, HEI Park Tošovice Anlagd: 2018 Bandesigner: Premysl Novak Typ av bana : Pay-to-play Hål: 9 Tjänster: discs rental, parking, resutaurant, hotel, many other outdoor atractions Webbsida : https://www.heipark.cz/en/ Nedladdningsbar karta: InfoBoard_b9_Tosovice_nahled.png


Long and challenging 9 holer in the skiing resort HEI park Tošovice. This is the first 9, two more 9-holers will be build during 2018. This course is pay-to-play.

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