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DiscGolfPark Smržovka


Plats: Tjeckien, Lesopark Smržovka Anlagd: 2018 Bandesigner: Premysl Novak Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 9 Kontakt: Parkhotel Smržovk Tjänster: rental discs, parking, restaurant, accomodation, children playground Webbsida : http://www.parkhotel-smrzovka.cz Nedladdningsbar karta: InfoBoard_Smrzovka_nahled_9.8-2.pdf


New course located in the nort part of Bohemia in the mountains. Course is around the hotel with very good restaurant and discs for rent. First two holes are on the open filed, while the rest is in the woods.