DiscGolfPark Parque del Agua

Víctor Bermúdez

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DiscGolfPark Parque del Agua


Plats: Spanien, Parque del Aqua DiscGolfPark Anlagd: 2015 Bandesigner: Víctor Bermúdez Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 6 Tjänster: Coffee shops around Nedladdningsbar karta: Parque-del-Agua-0001.jpg


Look for ”Ranillas Urban Club”, hole 1 is at the entrance.

This is an entry level course with three baskets and six tees, designed to introduce people to the sport. There is a big open space for long throws, including a 115m hole that you throw from an elevated tee. The challenge of this course is presented by the strong wind that comes from different directions depending on the time of the day and season.