DiscGolfPark Braunschweig

Gregor Marter

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DiscGolfPark Braunschweig


Plats: Tyskland, Braunschweig Bürgerpark Anlagd: 2015 Bandesigner: Gregor Marter & Dr. Andreas Hoerdt Typ av bana : Free-to-play Hål: 15 & 9 Webbsida : http://www.discgolf-bs.de/ Nedladdningsbar karta: Braunschweig-Infoboard.jpg


This in one of Germanys most beautiful courses. A 15 hole Pro course and a 9 hole beginner layout makes this gem enjoyable for everyone. Pros and familys alike. The Bürgerpark is a historic park in the heard of Braunschweig, goomed greens, lakes and wildlife makes this one just perfect. The Designer Dr. Anreas Hoerdt from the local club just made a good jom on this.

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