Buitengoed de Panoven, Zevenaar

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Buitengoed de Panoven, Zevenaar


Plats: Nederländerna, Buitengoed de Panoven Anlagd: 2020 Typ av bana : Pay-to-play Hål: 9 Kontakt: info@panoven.nl / +31 316 523520 Tjänster: Restaurant on the premises, bags with starters disc for rent, scorecards Webbsida : http://www.panoven.nl/de-panoven-disc-golf-course Nedladdningsbar karta: DePanoven_InfoBoard.pdf


Buitengoed de Panoven provides a 9 holes course designed for families and business events but also interesting for novice players. All holes, though short, have their own challenges.

Longest hole is 75 m, average length is 53m, par is 28.