Fojutowo DiscGolfPark

Artur Zduniuk

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Fojutowo DiscGolfPark


Sijainti: Puola, Fojutowo DiscGolfPark Perustettu: 2019 Ratasuunnittelija: Artur Zduniuk Radan tyyppi : Pay-to-play Väyliä: 9 Ota yhteyttä: +48 694 414 247 Verkkosivusto: Ladattava ratakartta: fojutowo_map-e1632482778730.jpg


Great place to spend weekend or family vacation. It is a fully equipped 9-hole course, located on a hill with a windmill in the middle. Beginner friendly place but not that easy as both elevation and wind come into play. The place is a part of Zajazd Fojutowo where you can find a hotel and a restaurant. There are many water attractions and other activities in this area.