Haverford Reserve DiscGolfPark

Steven Braud

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Haverford Reserve DiscGolfPark


Sijainti: Yhdysvallat, Haverford, PA Perustettu: April 2021 Ratasuunnittelija: Steven Braud & Dustin Keegan Radan tyyppi : Free-to-play Väyliä: 18 Ladattava ratakartta: Haverford-Reserve-DiscGolfPark-Course-Map-scaled.jpg


Haverford sits just west of Philadelphia on what is known as the Main Line. The disc golf course is just miles from Villanova University and Merion Golf Club. 

The park was built in 2007 on the site of what was once Haverford State Hospital. It’s 45 acres in size and includes playing fields, a dog park, a playground and a community recreation center (CREC) for events. There is a nature preserve adjoining the park on the west.

There is a full Community Center with indoor athletic courts and a full gym. 

As community parks go, Haverford Reserve is exceptional for the number and size of its playing fields. There is one artificial turf field that includes a baseball diamond and a lacrosse/soccer field. There are 2 additional football/soccer fields and one more baseball diamond. 

There are 8 separate trails, 6 miles in length, that run through the nature preserve. 

The Nature preserve proved to be the perfect opportunity to create a disc golf course. This would be an activity that parents or family could do while the younger brother is at soccer practice. 

The course was a collaboration design between Steve Braud and Dustin Keegan, and is a shorter family friendly course. Although just opening in 2021, they host doubles leagues and events, and have had great community involvement. The course offers an opportunity for pros to go out and work on their short game and approach shots, while giving newer players an opportunity to learn on a fun and forgiving track.