DiscGolfPark Looermark

Hans Krens

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DiscGolfPark Looermark


Sijainti: Alankomaat, DiscGolfPark Looermark Perustettu: 2016 Ratasuunnittelija: Hans Krens Radan tyyppi : Seasonal Väyliä: 3 Ota yhteyttä: 0570 541583 • info@looermark.nl Palvelut: Swimming Pool, sweets and drinks, showers, waterslide, small kids pool Verkkosivusto: https://www.looermark.nl/nl/


This three hole DiscGolfpark is free to use when you pay to enter the outdoor swimming pool (e.g. pay for entrance).

It’s a very open kids course with minor approach difficulties made to bring kids into contact with Disc Golf. Together with enjoying some freetime in the sun, some swimming it’s a lot of fun practicing your putt!

A very nice small swimming pool you will really enjoy when you are on holidays in the area.


Hole 1
Hole 2
Hole 3