Walnut Hollow – Long

Dana Vicich

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Walnut Hollow – Long


Sijainti: Yhdysvallat, Cary, IL Perustettu: 2018 Ratasuunnittelija: Dana Vicich Radan tyyppi : Free-to-play Väyliä: 18 Ladattava ratakartta: Screen-Shot-2019-07-12-at-7.44.43-AM.png


Walnut Hollow – Long is a real gem of a course. You traverses some flat and some rolling terrains. It also contains tree hedgerows, old agriculture fields, and farmstead areas. Some fairways are carved out of farmland, so depending on the year you may have soy beans or corn to contend with if you throw an errant shot.

While the course starts out with some longer and more open holes, it does have a very wide variety of holes. Play a warm up round on the Walnut Hollow – Short course, which starts at the same place as thee Long course. No smoking.