Avery Preserve DiscGolfPark

Dana Vicich

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Avery Preserve DiscGolfPark


Sijainti: Yhdysvallat, Plainfield, IL Ratasuunnittelija: Dana Vicich Radan tyyppi : Free-to-play Väyliä: 9 Ladattava ratakartta: Screen-Shot-2018-03-05-at-9.43.09-AM.png


Avery Preserve is a real hidden gem. While only 9 holes, the course has a wide variety of looks; which include tight woods, open space and water. Hole 3 is one of the standouts, being a tightly wooded par 4. While hole 3 is only 453 feet, it takes a couple of quality throws to net the birdie 3.

The warmup area, practice Target and hole 1 TeePad are all located about 500 ft. West of gravel parking lot. The course can occasionally flood during the Spring, making some holes unplayable.


Avery Preserve DiscGolfPark