Pyhäntä DiscGolfPark®

Juho Rantalaiho

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Pyhäntä DiscGolfPark®

Parcours Informationen

Standort: Finnland, Pyhäntä Erstellt: 2011 Parcours Designer: Juho Rantalaiho & Pasi Koivu Parcours Typ : Free-to-play Bahnen: 18 Parcours Plan herunterladen: pyhanta_pyhanta_ratakartta_2016.jpg


Pyhäntä DiscGolfPark is more challenging than other Pyhäntä’s courses. The course is located in the undulating terrain of the school center. Some of the fairways of the Pyhäntä DiscGolfPark are played on the same basket, so please pay attention to the other players. The course is located in varying terrain in terms of both stand and height differences. The lengths of the fairways range from 60 to 180 meters.