Nokia DiscGolfPark®

Jussi Meresmaa

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Nokia DiscGolfPark®

Parcours Informationen

Standort: Finnland, Nokia Erstellt: 2008 Parcours Designer: Jussi Meresmaa Parcours Typ : Free-to-play Bahnen: 12 Parcours Plan herunterladen: nokia_nokia_ratakartta_2017.jpg


As an area, the Central Sports Park is like made for disc golf, and for this reason large competitions have been organized on the site with temporary course solutions. The fixed 12-hole course is suitable for players of all levels, but especially the more densely lined lanes 3-8 can seem a little frustrating for beginners, as the lanes are very narrow in places. The course has stricter fairways resembling both traditional park fairways and forest fairways. The lengths of the fairways vary from 60 meters to 160 meters. Weekly competitions have been organized on the track by the Nokia Frisbee Society.