Koivusaari DiscGolfPark®

Jussi Meresmaa

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Koivusaari DiscGolfPark®

Parcours Informationen

Standort: Finnland, Kouvola Erstellt: 2010 Parcours Designer: Jussi Meresmaa Parcours Typ : Free-to-play Bahnen: 9 Parcours Plan herunterladen: koivusaari_kouvola_ratakartta_2014.jpg


The Koivusaari course is located in Myllykoski, Kouvola, at the end of Soulasenkoskentie along the Kymijoki river. The area has a beautiful beach park and inland swimming pool. The course circles the northern part of the park. There are a few fairways on the course where it is possible to throw into the water. The track map and instruction board can be found at the starting point.