Huuhanmetsä DiscGolfPark®

Jussi Meresmaa

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Huuhanmetsä DiscGolfPark®

Parcours Informationen

Standort: Finnland, Kuopio Erstellt: 2014 Parcours Designer: Jussi Meresmaa & Pertti Tuppurainen Parcours Typ : Free-to-play Bahnen: 24 Parcours Plan herunterladen: huuhanmetsa_kuopio_ratakartta_20141.jpg


The training basket can be found next to the information board on the sand field of Minna Canth’s school, which serves as the track’s range. Parking areas are the school’s small car park and school yard during evening, weekend and holiday times. During school hours, parking in the yard is prohibited. Due to the length and complexity of forest fairways, spotting is important in multiple holes!