FuglsangSø DiscGolfPark

Mikael Birkelund Jensen-Johansen

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FuglsangSø DiscGolfPark

Parcours Informationen

Standort: Dänemark, Vesterholmvej, 7400 Herning, Danmark Erstellt: 2017 Parcours Designer: Mikael Birkelund Jensen-Johansen Parcours Typ : Free-to-play Bahnen: 9 Kontakt: mikael@discimport.dk Services: Toilet, Playground, Beach, Free Parking Parcours Plan herunterladen: Herning-DiscGolfPark-01.png


Rekreational 9 hole beginner friendly DiscGolfPark in nice surroundings. Each hole has two tees: short yellow tee, and long white tee. The course is established in cooperation with Herning Municipality, Herning DiscGolf, Spar Nord and discimport.dk.

Next to the course is a small lake for swimming and other leisure activities.